Catholic Charities of Fairfield County

The Mission of Catholic Charities is to put Faith into Action by providing Food, Housing, Mental Health, Adoption, Immigration, & Family Support services to the needy & vulnerable of all Faiths in Fairfield County.

Catholic Charities is a leading provider of Senior Services, Case Management & Behavioral Health Programs, Women's Children's Services, and Life Skills/Transitional Services throughout the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport. It is the largest private family service agency in the region; in addition to providing direct services such as food and shelter housing, it also offers a wide range of mental health programs that help empower people to live more independently and overcome problems in their lives.

Without the support of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Catholic Charities could not reach out with its family and community services. In addition to providing direct revenue, the commitment of the diocese enables Catholic Charities to build other sources of support. For every dollar contributed by the diocese, Catholic Charities is able to leverage $10 in additional public and private funding support.

Feeding the Hungry and Homeless
Over 500,000 meals served to the hungry, homeless, working poor and elderly each year.

Building Daily Living Skills
Improving coping, social, and job skills for people making the transition from Welfare to Work.

Helping People to Cope
Counseling, behavioral health, support groups and therapy for individuals and families.

Keeping Families Together
Adoption, shelter, childcare, youth outreach and after-school programs.

Helping the Elderly to Remain Independent
Nutrition, socialization, and volunteer programs for the elderly.

Serving People with Psychiatric Disabilities
Coordinated care and support services to integrate the mentally ill into the community.