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Census 2020

Census 2020: Counting Everyone Once, Only Once, and in the Right Place


Every ten years the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a census of the population of the United States. The Decennial Census began in 1790 and each census involves years of planning to ensure a successful and complete count. With the 2020 Census approaching the U.S. Census Bureau is actively engaged in the planning for the 2020 Census and this planning process includes the help of the community to ensure that on April 1st 2020 we get the most accurate count possible.

Infographics and visualizations:

2020 Census at a glance

How the 2020 census will invite everyone to respond

Road to the 2020 census

the 2020 census & confidentiality

Counting young children in the 2020 census

El Censo del 2020 y la Confidencialidad

2020 census: A design for hard to count populations

Census 2020: why we ask



Save the Date: Census Bureau to Host 2020 Census News Conference

February 4, 2019 ­­– One year out from Census Day 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau will host a 2020 Census news conference on April 1, 2019. Census Bureau Director Dr. Steven Dillingham will brief the public on the status of operations and what they can do to help ensure a complete and accurate count in their community. In addition, the Census Bureau will unveil the 2020 Census communications campaign tagline. (Tentatively scheduled for release April 1.)

LT. Gov. bysiewicz launches connecticut complete count committee to help prepare for 2020 census

February 4, 2019 ­­– Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz announced the launch of the Connecticut Complete Count Committee (CCCC) to inform and help direct the State's efforts in the upcoming 2020 Census. An accurate census count is critically important to our state as it is the foundation to determine federal funding allocations. The data collected by the 2020 census affects all of us, not just in government, but also private businesses, schools, hospitals, non-profits, and other public and private entities. Currently, Connecticut is ranked first in the nation for paying the most in federal income taxes and we are among the lowest in getting federal dollars in return. 

census bureau adopts cutting edge privacy protections for 2020 census

February 15, 2019 ­­– The Census Bureau is modernizing and strengthening how they protect privacy in the statistics they release starting with the 2020 Census. Their differential privacy methods will be designed to preserve the utility of their legally mandated data products while also ensuring that every respondents’ personal information is fully protected.

March 20, 2019 Census Data Lunch and Learn Event hosted by Connecticut Housing Coalition

February 20, 2019 ­­–Join us for this absolutely-not-boring-at-all discussion of how the Census Factfinder and IPUMS data sets can help housing professionals explore and learn about the communities they serve. We’ll dig into advanced methods for finding data by specific geography and category. We’ll look at housing needs, neighborhood-level demographics, and even some interesting trends. This workshop will also introduce the Integrate Public Use Micro Series data set that allows for completely customizable analysis using the American Community Survey response data. You’ll walk away with new ideas and a few helpful Excel templates for working with Census data that will speed up future projects.

2020 census hiring of thousands of workers ramps up

March 12, 2019 ­­– The hiring of hundreds of thousands of temporary workers for the 2020 Census – often described as the nation’s largest civilian mobilization — is now underway. The Census Bureau has already begun recruiting and hiring people to work on an important preliminary operation for the 2020 Census that begins in August. Known as In-Field Address Canvassing, this is the process of having field staff visit specific geographic areas to identify every place where people live or could live. 


March 14, 2019 ­­– The U.S. Census Bureau will host a live operational press briefing to mark the one year out milestone from the 2020 Census. On April 1, 2019, Census Bureau Director Dr. Steven Dillingham and Census Bureau leadership will brief the public on the status of operations and provide updates on the success of the integrated partnership and communication campaign. The Census Bureau will also be joined on stage by several organizations that highlight a handful of the partnerships that are key to ensuring a successful 2020 Census.


APRIL 1, 2019 ­­– The U.S. Census Bureau provided an operational update today on the status of 2020 Census operations, emphasizing the need for innovative, collaborative partnerships to ensure a complete and accurate count of everyone living in the United States. The Census Day 2019 press briefing marked one year out from the official reference day for the census.

For the First Time, People Can Respond Online From Any Device, By Mail or by Phone

APRIL 1, 2019 ­­– The U.S. Census Bureau is on track, on budget and on time in its planning for the 2020 Census and has formed partnerships with some of the nation’s most important corporations, nonprofits and multicultural groups to ensure that everyone is counted one year from today. “The goal of the 2020 Census is to count everyone once, only once, and in the right place,” said Dr. Steven Dillingham, director of the Census Bureau. “A year before the census is conducted, we are on track. We are confident that our early planning is going to pay off.” Census Day, the reference date for responses to the 2020 Census, is April 1, 2020. For the first time, people will be able to respond anytime, anywhere — online from any device or by mail or phone.

Census citizenship question: as hot as it gets

APRIL 8, 2019 ­­– Whether there should be a citizenship question on the 2020 census continues to be a hotly contested issue in all branches of the federal government. The controversy arose in the executive branch when the Trump Administration indicated its desire to add a citizenship question to the decennial census. Professionals throughout the Census Bureau objected because the information could be obtained other ways and adding the unnecessary question would decrease the census count, cost taxpayers more, and corrupt the data. Commerce Secretary Ross added the question anyway and was immediately challenged in the judicial branch.

States Stepping Up to Ensure Everyone Counts

APRIL 8, 2019 ­­– The stakes are high in communities across the country: for every person who is not counted, states stand to lose between $533 to $2,309 annually in federal funds. Six state legislatures have created Complete Count Committees (CCC) via legislation to help with planning for the census and five states have similar bills pending. Additionally, 15 governors have signed executive orders creating state-level Complete Count Committees or ordering CCC campaigns. The Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut joined those governors to establish a CCC this year for the Constitution State.


To find more information regarding the 2020 Census click here.

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