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Health & Human Services - 3-11-2019

Cindy Caron

As Measles Returns, Connecticut Offers Little Info About Immunization Rates <> , CT News Junkie, 3/11/2019 “When immunization rates fall below a certain percentage, vulnerable populations such as babies under six months or individuals with certain medical conditions are at risk, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…”

 Navigating Recovery In Southeastern Connecticut <> , WNPR, 3/11/2019 “In southeastern Connecticut, a team of Recovery Navigators is offering a hand -- and a sense of hope -- to residents with opioid drug addiction. This hour, we take an in-depth look at the work this team is doing…”

 Lamont Opposes Minimum Wage To Trainees, Supports Public Health Option <> , CT Post, 3/8/2019 “Gov. Ned Lamont stressed his small-business background Friday in pushing back at a proposal by labor Democrats to require payment of the minimum wage to trainees and then offering support for the concept of a public option for health insurance…”

 Connecticut Lawmakers Unveil A Public Option Health Plan <> , WNPR, 3/8/2019 “State lawmakers revealed details Thursday on how Connecticut could create and run its own public option health care plan, which would compete with private insurers…”

Connecticut Legislators Unveil Public Option For Health Insurance <> , CT Mirror, 3/7/2019 “Connecticut lawmakers are joining other states that have unveiled proposals to expand government-run health coverage, with plans to extend state health benefits to small businesses and nonprofits, and to explore a public option for individuals…”

 Connecticut Nurse Midwives Fight For Equal Health Care Pay <> , WNPR, 3/6/2019 “Brianne Foley didn’t have time to plan for the birth of her first child. So when she and her husband were having their second child, Foley did extensive research on which ones accepted Medicaid and were within driving distance of her home in Watertown…”

 California Sues Over US Abortion Rule, 20 States Including Connecticut To Follow <> , WTNH, 3/4/2019 “ California and 20 other Democratic-led states announced they were challenging the Trump administration's effort to set up obstacles for women seeking abortions, including barring taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring patients to abortion providers…”


Proposal To Consolidate School Districts Leads To Confusion And Fear As Legislators Look For Ways To Save Money <> , Hartford Courant, 3/11/2019 “Ever since Senate President Pro Tem Martin Looney’s controversial school regionalization bill referenced realigning districts “in a manner similar to the probate districts,” the brightly colored map delineating those court districts has been shared widely on social media by alarmed parents and educators…”

 Budget Cuts Are Hurting Our Children And Their Future <> , CT Mirror, 3/11/2019 “Investments in our young people have long lasting implications for their future, and for our communities…”


Getting Serious About Closing The Education Gap <> , The Day, 3/10/2019 “In my column last week, I noted that despite the plaintiffs emerging with a legal victory in the Sheff vs. O’Neill case, filed 30 years ago this year, the large academic performance gap between public school students in our poor urban centers and their affluent suburban neighbors persists…”


Connecticut Bills Call For Schools To Teach African-American, Puerto Rican, Latino History <> , WNPR, 3/7/2019 “Two bills before Connecticut lawmakers would require schools to teach African-American, as well as Puerto Rican and Latino history…”


Fluctuating Sales Tax Revenue A Target For Change In State Budget Talks <> , News Times, 3/11/2019 “Connecticut sales tax collections spiked in December after the state enacted new rules for taxing online purchases…”


Lembo Warns Of Stock Market’s Effect On Connecticut State Budget <> , The Day, 3/10/2019 “State Comptroller Kevin Lembo is warning about record-high household debt in Connecticut and the implications of a volatile stock market on state revenues…”


Progressive Dems Will Test Lamont’s Open-Door Approach To Next CT Budget <> , CT Mirror, 3/5/2019 “Gov. Ned Lamont insists he’s ready to hear any idea to end Connecticut’s cycle of budget deficits…”


Budget Cuts Threaten CT Courthouse Security, Juvenile Justice Programs <> , CT Post, 3/5/2019 “Judicial Branch officials told members of the Appropriations Committee Monday that Gov. Ned Lamont’s proposed Judicial Branch budget will jeopardize courthouse security and juvenile justice programs…”


Baseball, Taxes And Retirement Destinations <> , Investment News, 3/11/2019 “My husband is a huge baseball fan. Me, not so much. But I always appreciate it when he forwards articles about his favorite pastime that are relevant to my passion for retirement planning…”


Lamont Budget Is A Step in The Right Direction For Retired Teachers <> , CT News Junkie, 3/8/2019 “After decades of not adequately funding the Teachers’ Retirement System, Connecticut is at a crossroads. Do we continue to kick the can down the road or make substantial improvements to how we fund the state’s long-term obligations to teachers? The Association of Retired Teachers of Connecticut is grateful that Gov. Ned Lamont made stable retirement funds for teachers a priority in his budget proposal…”


CT Unemployment Falls To 3.8%, Despite Anemic Jobs Growth <> , CT Mirror, 3/8/2019 “Connecticut gained 1,000 jobs and its unemployment rate fell to 3.8 percent in January, its lowest point in 17 years and two-tenths of a point below the current U.S. rate…”


House Democrats In Washington Approve Campaign And Election Reforms <> , CT News Junkie, 3/8/2019 “On a party line vote, House Democrats on Friday approved sweeping changes to campaign, ethics, and election laws that among other things would establish a public-funding mechanism for federal campaigns, restore voting rights to felons released from prison, and make it easier to register to vote…”


What Should Remain In Public Information In Criminal Investigations? <>  CT News Junkie, 3/7/2019 “Whether the public should have access to all evidence seized in a criminal investigation was the subject of a Judiciary Committee public hearing Wednesday…”

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